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Beyond Encoding: XML / XSLT as Analytic Tool

A new XML encoding scheme for representing Akkadian texts in transcription was presented by Scobie Smith at the Society of Biblical Literature session on Near Eastern Markup Language. The approach is oriented to using XSLT and related tools to query and analyze the encoding texts. Scobie Smith can be reached via

The texts discussed in the SBL talk can be seen, as transformed from XML into HMTL, under "A Small Nuzi Corpus". These texts come from first-generation scribes and second-generation scribes of the family of Apil-Sin. The texts are still being edited (drafts) and are copyrighted (Copyright 2001 Scobie P. Smith).

NOTE: The character representation uses a simple plain-text form; no font is required. We are currently looking for a suitable font for transcription that would be freely distributable. Please contact us if you know of one. A version has been produced that uses Brendt Alster's BaTimesAkkad; we hope to upload that soon.

The sample sign-value concordances discussed in the talk are also shown below, under "Sample Concordances".

A Small Nuzi Corpus

Sample Concordances


If you are interested in using any of the material being developed here or contributing texts or in other ways, please contact Scobie Smith.