Infinitiv Consulting LLC is a research and development company specializing in computer software technology for the study of language and the analysis of text corpora. Our primary area of linguistic specialty is ancient languages of the Near East and vicinity, including Hebrew, Akkadian, Greek, and Hittite. Current research includes parsing technology for Semitic languages, XML tools for encoding and analyzing ancient text corpora, and lexical databases.

Infinitiv also provides consulting services to other businesses for a wide range of projects, including custom software development, software development training, electronic publishing, and general computer consulting. Our expertise and experience cover a wide range of technologies (including C#/.NET, C/C++, Win32, COM, Unicode, XML, DHTML, Perl), industries, and levels of responsibility.

For more information or to find out how you can benefit from Infinitiv's services, please contact us at:

Infinitiv Consulting LLC
23515 NE Novelty Hill Rd., #164
Redmond, WA 98053